In order to complete work at your residence / place of business, the following criteria must be met:

  • For collections or deliveries, artworks must be transferred between PACART employees and clients in a contactless manner. PACART employees must be provided with a clean, sanitized space of at least 10’ x 10’, where they are able to work separate from the client.
  • At all times, PACART employees must be able to follow physical distancing protocols of at least two metres (2 m) / six feet (6’) from the client.
  • The client MUST wear a mask at all times while our technicians are on site.
  • No other contractors / vendors / suppliers are to be on site at the same time as PACART employees.
  • If PACART cannot be provided with a separate space in which to work, or if social distancing protocols cannot be met, PACART reserves the right to complete work (wrapping / unwrapping / condition reporting, etc.) on a PACART fine-art truck.
  • For service requests at multi-storey office / residential buildings, PACART must be provided with a dedicated elevator / safe path to and from the floor where work is to be completed. If a dedicated elevator / safe path is not available, collection / delivery is via loading dock only.
  • To meet social distancing protocols, bills of lading may not be signed at this time. PACART employees must be allowed to take photos at the collection / delivery location as proof of completion of work.
  • If at any time PACART employees feel that they are not able to conduct work in a safe manner, they will contact PACART management for instructions on how to proceed.


We thank you for your co-operation in allowing our staff to complete their work in a safe manner.