PACART, like most of its clients, is transitioning to a new way of doing business. We will maintain our high standard of service, but we have implemented some new protocols to keep our staff and our clients safe and healthy.

Please note the following protocols regarding PACART / client interactions moving forward:

  • PACART will continue to provide service, considering requests on a case-by-case basis. Local and shuttle schedules will be updated as soon as possible, and will be under ongoing review.
  • PACART employees will utilize personal protective equipment, i.e. gloves and masks, while on site, and are equipped with sanitizer and wipes / disinfectant.
  • For collections or deliveries, artworks must be transferred between PACART employees and clients in a contactless manner, and PACART employees must be given a clean, sanitized space to work on site, which allows them to maintain social distancing protocols of at least two metres (2 m) / six feet (6’) If this requirement cannot be met, PACART may opt to complete work (condition reporting / wrapping / unwrapping, etc.) on a PACART vehicle.
  • For service requests at multi-storey office / residential buildings, deliveries and collections are via dock only.
  • Installations and large packing requests continue to be considered on a case-by-case basis, considering whether PACART’s safety protocols can be met.
  • PACART facilities remain closed to visitors until further notice.
  • Storage clients who wish to retrieve items from our facilities / deliver items to add to storage, can be accommodated if social distancing and contactless interactions can be maintained. Advance notice of at least five (5) business days is required.
  • To meet social distancing protocols, bills of lading will not be signed at this time. Photos will be taken to provide proof of collection or delivery.
  • At this time, couriers / any non-PACART employees are not allowed on PACART vehicles. In light of this restriction, we can assist with the procurement of follow cars, if required.
  • If at any time, PACART employees feel that they are not able to conduct work in a safe manner, they will immediately contact PACART management for instructions on how to proceed.